Broken Language 2015

from Reinventing the Wheel by DJ Pompey

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The God denier / Third day coffin riser
Choose your own adventure novel writer / That got lost inside it
Sodomizer / Girlfriend apologizer
Awful driver / Google job applier who will not get hired

The Honest liar / Ostracizer / Online comment typer
Mitt Romney fighter / Whether he’s wrong or righter
The Robert Oppenheimer atomic bomb designer / If not Macgyver
3AM waffle buyer at Broadway Diner

Pompey the general that clashed with Caesar
If you had amnesia
Cabin fever having tweaker showing manic features

Raymond, bastard
The case cracker named after the Perry Mason actor
Corolla Matrix crasher

The pen scorcher
Incomplete sentence former
Drink, write, and press record in any order
Mech warrior, with post-traumatic stress disorder
feds are swarmin / fled enforcers
headed for the texas border

The club invader
Recovering raver
Under ager honey chaser
Starbucks cafe latte money waster
Production station percussion maker
Tumblr scraper
Calvin and Hobbes funny paper cut and save-er

The ancient figure engraved in fixtures and cave pictures
Stage ripper, rane mixer make the bass thicker
the day’s victor / Game winner / shouting “hey sister”
Dame kisser Chardonnay sipper marvin gaye listener



Members of the lower working class that don’t observe the past
Smokin herb and go to burning man I hope you you heard me fam
Cause if if you’re not wiser / I go Scott Steiner
Johann Geiger / I’m Lohan’s Tiger

Left hand connect fast, it’s not fiber
talk fly you could get your whole jaw wired
Rogue com writer Flip a script and go Rob Reiner
At a Late Late Show, I’m so Tom Schneider

A whole lot live-er, drop lines that stop cyphers
Mention you and all they say is shots fired
merch booth buy your whole stock and
throw bon fires, Murderer, Hans Reiser

wrought iron
What’s a stop sign to a dodge viper
Stock higher
cause we’re known to get cash - Jane Jetson
Rap a great set, hit the pad and play Tekken

Rappers may step, and we Cassius Clay deck em
Gathered fame yes, it could pass the same second
Ya gets no love that’s a jam by faith evan
Didn’t ask why, but that’s a great question

Your simply the same thing on different days
In sync like JC and Timberlake
In sink like I hate cleaning dinner plates
There you go another lame scheme to imitate

MC Taste sweet as some minute made
mixtapes you couldn’t to pay me to listen straight
Need it like I need AC on winter break
Wrote one for the lady’s but it can wait

Cause it’s the antagonist, nothing realer the one in million
Cunning villain come for your unborn children like Rumpelstiltskin
Hope Universal finds this stuff appealing
Cause I’d love to name a couple places they can shove the deal in

Son of Sam to the summer jams, hunt and kill em
Kept on coming back with another track that I wasn’t feelin
Button mashing till something happens it’s nothing brillint
But bite a rhyme you’ll need tongue graft and a dozen filling

Crunk smashed with my dumb ass, fuzz flashed
Duck dash, and chuck the stash in country village
Then summon dragons with Trunks’ dad and my cousin Krillin
Come and can catch it on Lushes channel his buddy filmed it

If you headline, I’m above the billing - Nah
been muscle building punch through ceilings I’m above the building
I don’t know there’s just something ill in my double helix
If you dug it dig it, if not you gonna love the remix



from Reinventing the Wheel, released March 1, 2015


all rights reserved



DJ Pompey Columbia, Missouri

DJ Pompey. Party DJ and battle rapper in Columbia, Mo.

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