Chill ft. Mantra

from Reinventing the Wheel by DJ Pompey

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[Verse: Mantra]
Coming soon

You gots to CHILL!

[Verse: Pompey]
I heard that tape - Complete load a trash
I was skipping over tracks more than T-Kno and Ack
Recorded rap used to be more advanced
Lets take it back to the keyboard and claps

Pre-order Wax, My CD’s Bonkers
Beat keep knockin Pete Pete Rock in it
On some Steve Austin meets Steve Hawking
Couldn’t read these with some 3D optics

Tweet tweet flock known to repeat gossip
Which leaves me at least three options
Respond, clean clock or C - Keep walking
Beef be stocked like a deep freeze locker

Cause I’m cold as it gets
Call me Bobba The Fette.. Your first call to open events
With a van full of ghost and the rest
Locals’ll rep No Coast to the death

You gots to CHILL!

[Breakdown: Pompey]
OK, lemme show you how this works

Today we’ll be using The drums from Ode to Bille Joe by Lou Don
When you’re finished chopping it up, it should sound like this
Next we’ve got the Wurlitzer from Turista by Howard Roberts
I can’t tell you where we got the tamborine from, cause, you know that’s the secret sauce
And of course we’ve got Champ by The Mohawks bringing it all together
Something like this

[Verse: Mantra]
Coming soon....

You gots to CHILL!

[Verse: Pompey]
Fill a damn song like a scantron test
Worldwide, all hands on deck
I heard UK been down, France got next
And they can off heads like Antoinette’s

I wrote that with caps lock pressed
Heads spin like a Dance contest
Get Amped on set if you had not guessed
But I’ll catch my breath soon as Mats on that’s not

Yet. [et] And I’m finished skipping rocks
I’m into tossing cinder blocks to get across the difference
Nimble talking cause I scribble often, drawing so
Thought are vivid on the comic strip we often live in

Inner monologue is interlocking with the Rhythm chops
Beyond the limit rip it till the Fibonacci digit stop
Consequently hit the longest distance like Honda Civic
Hidden monuments to honor kids who stop to listen

In synopsis over heads with shit I’m droppin
no Pigeon flock so twitter stalkers quit your squawkin
Dissin Pompey? Not Kosher. Picture wal king
Into synagogue with shrimp kabobs and Richard Dawkins

Sin to godless, but we ain’t flipping crosses
given option I’ll get along and sip the scottish
get unconscious in the process
live long Prosperous, that Mr Spock shit

You gots to CHILL!


from Reinventing the Wheel, released March 1, 2015


all rights reserved



DJ Pompey Columbia, Missouri

DJ Pompey. Party DJ and battle rapper in Columbia, Mo.

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