Off the Map ft. Mantra

from Reinventing the Wheel by DJ Pompey

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And now a simple word game you can try at home

jump in feet first
to this flea circus
with deep purpose
keep burnin trees and
drinkin bourbon cuz we deserve it
bringin heat like a furnace
the reverse of a mean people person
like ol dirty B but the clean version
we seem certain while you seem nervous
it’s cuz you’re hurtin underneath the surface like steve erwin
assert our speech is worthless
i’ll keep singin verses for eternity
at least if the earth keeps turnin beneath my feet
never eating burger cause meat is murder
bury the beef an watch it resurface
makin baby mes with jamie lee curtis
droppin science a top a giants so we see the furthest
stuntin shades like the secret survice
we’re sekin sureness
you don’t seem earnest

Green purchased from free merchants got the scene blurring
Hurdle leapin ln an herbal leaf sir believe it
You first teaching, I prefer you re-learn it
Currently, currency is key so keep workin

I ride in deep currents but I don’t even be surfing
I’m repurposing sea serpents
See, each word of speech is a first degree murder spree
turn the street surface burgundy if we skirmish

I plead perfect, repeat the verdict
I’ll retweet your sermon in leet speak for sure then
It beats people burnin
And If you find my beast of burden please return it, with the keys inserted


a bit intimidating
instigating fits of rage
misbehaving like the kid of satan
get silver initials engraved on a pistol grip thats nickel plated
and kill all the villains i hated
yo wherever we go
gettin our pictures taken
bout to blow up like
when a missile hits the pavement
sittin in a basement
sippin some jameson
twistin a spliff and we're blazing
if it fits the occasion
gettin in the game and riddin the blame
like a criminal getting vindicated
our spittin is amazin
for your information
equivalent to wisdom from sages in the middle ages
or an image davinci painted
it’s pretty blatent
we’re livin in a simulated vivid matrix
gettin minimum wage
on a limited basis
so my finishing statement is
don’t sit an wait
and wish away
the minutes you’re faced with


Every Evening Hedonism gets me waited
When the fever hits I blame it
On the previous administration

Raw tomes hit your playlist
The squad go Sean Colmes getting famous from the mix arrangements

Crossover syndicated on your city stations
Pop culture switching places like a hip-replacement

Leavin’ John Doe’s - victims nameless
And Stockholm's Syndrome patients
Off, no litigation

Mystic Hazes
visions came that imitated
Diablo’s different faces

Lost souls at cross road, consider this your invitation
to the tribulation as depicted in the scripture pages

In broad strokes, I’m indicating pics you paint are pixilated
Wrong focus as songs go
Drop notes
Intricate as fragrance in
Sophisticated whiskey tasting
Scotch flow
Bitter flavor finish with a hint of raisin
I’m not old, I’m simply aging
Honest tho, I said that lyric just to cleanse my spirit this is distillation


displayin my wit
instead of stayin silent
a great guy
with glazed eyes
sayin praise science!
stay fly like a plane pilot
with a blatant bias towards stayin my highest
takein daily vitamins
droppin weight like diet
if you’re not 18 you should wait to try it
in case you may like it
i date dime who take me to dine and pay with diamonds
on the waves we sail to Jamaican islands
never wasting time or day light
create rhymes instead of hate crimes an gang violence
an try n geta little fame and paid by it
i wait a while
in grapevines an taste wine till i'm sideways
an sick like the c.i.aids virus

Ray’s mind is a maze inside id
You’d be amazed to find it / Liberated from insane asylums
Creative lies I’m telling you will spell the truth
Between the paper lines, OK? Rewind it

Ashamed of vipers who proclaim their righteous
With nothing but hate to guide us
Pay the prices
You’ll get vaporized by an aim precise as a laser sight
if you pray for violence

Jostling plates alignment
Causing the quakes and tides
All in day’s assignment
What’d you say? (PRAISE SCIENCE)
I’m game to try it
And slap David Icke in
his face with a pagan trident

We stay excited
waitin for time’s end, prayin to divine men
and rain and lightning like the ancient myans

Ain’t it right, we’re craving crisis
Based on writings in late papyrus I Blame Poseidon

don’t be a slave to 9 to 5s, there’s ways to fight it
misouri’s it’s a state of mind
but celebrating your day of life with cake an ice cream
crazy frightening as a way to remind you of the day you’re dying

You gotta strain to find what ain’t provided
Can’t face the sky remaining flightless
That’s freakin great advice, I’ll be a famous psychic
Soon as the DEA reinstates my license
I got a basement lined with strange devices
to keep a couple safe from a coming age of tyrants
These are double gainer type flips
Let’s take a hike, I’m running out of ways to rhyme this

so I light a J an stay smilin
microwave a plate of pie and play violin
spray fire with ray myers
we’re straight stylin


from Reinventing the Wheel, released March 1, 2015


all rights reserved



DJ Pompey Columbia, Missouri

DJ Pompey. Party DJ and battle rapper in Columbia, Mo.

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