On and On

from Reinventing the Wheel by DJ Pompey

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Cats are frontin with hype man’s vocab
Lets get rIght back to the program
Another dope jam for Phone and your iPad
It’s going down like a road map of Thailand

It’s going down like a boat crash
so man the life raft, nah go back and strike that
It’s going down like five tabs of Prozac
Ya might have to go grab / Your mic and your notepad

Vocal track you can quote after time lapse
Roll the Hi-Hat cause you’re programmed to like that
Don’t jam a synapse no nevermind that
It’s going down like an old-fashion mineshaft

Go ask the boneman who I am
Known as the Conan of my land / High as a Titan
Highlander life span and six-tone camo
Mid mo rambo / with no ammo


On and on and breakin’ the dawn-ah
Pages as long as Les Miserables
Came to respond to the state of the genre
Save it, it’s just another day in the saga

Wonder if we get the same memoranda
Cause ya drop outs, ain’t in mi classa
Arranging the mantra to placement of commas
Steady hand shave with katanas - Artists are

Hustlers? OK but for one that gets paid there are
hundreds that gave up their methods to function
Impressing the public that left them with nothing and
and vent about getting discovered - if you could have

Breakfast or justice, the rent or some substance
That’s message enough you weren’t meant to discuss it
Sensitive subject, heck I’d have better
production but the last track emptied the budget

The dictator been taken fixed aim at big chain
fakery spit game of fifth graders / waste of beats
Talking rolex, but display your wrist player
You don’t get paper you’re a myth maker plain to see

Don’t be disturbed if diss yours
Just quick slur you misheard don’t get furious
Spit germs that are incurable
If you don’t have insurance quick purchase it

In turn - You make a fist first? I skip words
like bits of dirt on disc surfaces
Disperse, I’m a bit merciless
Think Hercules when he hit Cerberus

Or a centaur with the vest armor of Centurions
Sent marching for this purpose
Your mixture is impure I’m impervious
Leave you Injured in Tourniquets if I enter the tournament (bracket)

But most not worthy the clash
If currency match it could certainly happen
Habit / practice to earn the advantage
Learn from the hand of worthy assassin

Canvas hot as burst of a match stick
(fuck that) Hotter than the the work of a black smith
(fuck that) Just bring an urn for the ash,
I keep the Mercury maxed on it’s vertical axis

A sure fact, every jam I’m fixture
Catch me by the stage open tab in a blizzard
Travelin thick, whole clan’s in the mix, cause
I stand for the click, like you're snapping a picture

We ain’t goin no where like grab me a snickers
Figure. That ain’t the half of it mister
Add to the list, wanna scrap it’s a risk
Mad kids piled up like a bad game of twister


from Reinventing the Wheel, released March 1, 2015


all rights reserved



DJ Pompey Columbia, Missouri

DJ Pompey. Party DJ and battle rapper in Columbia, Mo.

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