Reinventing the Wheel

by DJ Pompey

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[Bridge] Nothing that was said impressed me Today’s Number One Won't get a second pressing And its just depressing Catch the real music heads ingesting Medicine to cope Liqueur or the dope Be better than your coast Cause the remedy is growth Everything we wrote Was penned for you to quote Ask letterman the whole Top ten has been a joke [VERSE 1] Dogs Yappin. Pompey Smashin All these bastards Not reactin My kinda Night timer Party crasher Go velocaraptor On you cocky rappers Like I just learned how open doors Write like worthy to hope for war Rhyme like you're earning your vocal cords Fight for courage the focus yours Boasting clowns claiming doper than thou Now / Throw in the towel or get thrown in the pile We old school off the hook like a rotary dial produce while you vegetate like grocery isles Controlling the sound and performing for crouds I would hope by now that we’re known in the town Co Mo no coast cold holdin’ it down Puttin in work no coasting allowed [CHORUS] All I’m asking is for my brethren To be more progressive in recording sessions South east north or west’n whatever quarter section of the bored you reppin All I’m asking is for my brethren To be more progressive in recording sessions South east north or west’n whatever quarter section of the bored you reppin [BRIDGE] [VERSE 2] Lesson three / you’ll do sets for free Only the best MCs can pay their rental fees You got the recipe for you yo press CDs But if you ain’t perform live then you’re dead to me Rest in peace yall are average joes You had plans to grow but 4you cancelled those We do Classic shows / If you got cash to go Collect 2 stacks like we’re passin go but If have to boast then you need more to say MCing’s a game not so easily played we need to believe we can speak from the brain or scene will be seen to decease and decay I’m forced to mention / you write boring sentences Rhyme forms repetitive / Mike cord get severed and I’m born to represent, life more the ever I’m On my damn grind past time or the present tense Always DJ all day each day, Fans got tapes on a solid replay possibly I’m thought to be a prodigy to wanna make a mockery of monuments to modern mediocrity [CHORUS] [BRIDGE]
Daily 02:48
[Verse] It’s Pompey, Fuck your DJ, he’s not me Henny I got plenty and a Vente Ice coffee Whole Posse is cocky, dare you to top me Artists Sloppy Carbon Copies that we mocking, topping The laundry list of squads to diss chop and split to atomic bits and quantum fission Dogs and kittens without pots to piss in Rock the rhythm … We on a mission Ya not as gifted, better check the mensa test Let me guess, you came in here to represent We heaven sent / Young and the rest-a-less So girl turn around a shake it like an etch-a-sketch Flex if you wanna / Sweat like a sauna On the best marijuana / Cess and the ganja Yes like a Rasta / Stepped in mi casa With a Red Bull and Vodka and a head full-a-drama [Chorus] We gonna party like it’s 1989 I’m at the crib makin beats sippin wine I make fresh rhymes daily You burn me.... Really? We gonna party like it’s 1989 I’m at the crib makin beats sippin wine I make fresh rhymes daily You burn me.... ? [Verse] Not born to floss but could afford the cost House downtown with the mortgage gone Technic 12’s and the Ortofons and I’m snappin on you for thinking you’re the Fonz When it’s on then it’s on then it’s on though Pronto / grippin the nug and blow the pot smoke Not yo / insolent thugs with phoney mottos Macho / Spin in the clubs like Tony Gatto Follow / the leader meet her greet her eat like a pizzaria See we’re beastin in the region never need to squeeze a nina Flee the scene or be defeated just conceited we be freakin on the weekend if you feeling what I’m speakin Give a listen witness / doesn’t take a women’s intuition Wishin / Kitten if you’re smitten get the digits I pick a mistress … Then two peace signs up in the Air I’m Richard Nixon ----------------- We gonna party like it’s 1989 I’m at the crib makin beats sippin wine I make fresh rhymes daily You burn me.... Really? We gonna party like it’s 1989 I’m at the crib makin beats sippin wine I make fresh rhymes daily You burn me.... Really?
[Verse: Pompey] They say if you can walk you can dance So if you talk you can rap, right? No you probably can’t Honestly man, I hate to trod on your plans But at some point, a line must be drawn in the sand Now it's... Ray, a drop of golden sun And if you thought of that, you’re not the only one Nominally funded since my chronicles begun And I've been taught to throw a punch when it’s illogical to run Run … Yeah that’s right smartass How come people who can’t fight start crap Pompey gotcha open like last night’s bar tab I got the title, you just ran my Carfax Act like you passed by a landmine, charge blast See more stars than a rabbi’s art class Ask why I’m candid like Amanda Bynes, large chance A samurai got his bandaged right arm back We go in like a typhoon’s hitting We go in like the drive though’s busy We go in like a high proof whiskey Or Ryu’s finishing fight moves, you with me? Won’t try to describe too simply Just rewind to beginning when your eyes through spinning I go in like I typed Ulysses And I write too gritty for my time to get me The Mid-Mo Rambo, ipso facto Your boy Pompey's on his own plateau Got game like kids own hasbro Yall don’t get shit don’t pass go We get props like a live stage ... Fly / Get props like a bi-plane Flow cold spit frost of an ice age Find Ray deep in thought with a Migraine [Bridge] ... But I'm cool like that [Verse: Van Ghost] ... Come back later for his verse!
[Verse] I love my Rav4, fuck a damn porsche. If you’ve got some stuff to transport you come tad short And what’s a Phantom for, with those Backward doors You don’t have Aventador credit score / Less is more Fuck a Lambo, you can’t even park it What happens when you need take your family to target Camry is way more handy regardless You don’t really mind getting crap on the carpet In the small division, we got it with the Honda Civic You can hit the moon and back before you stop to fix it Modest with the stock equipment / but lots of different mods to fit em It's everything a Boxster isn’t When Pretenders faken, You bet I’m hating If your record claim it, better say it on your registration And if I ever make it entertainment Best believe I’ll have some better ways them to waste it [Chorus] Fuck your Bentley Yo mister West, no disrespect Fuck your Bentley Fuck your Bentley Fuck your Bentley [Verse] Any DJ needs a hatch in their life The Rav fits the cats needing last minute rides Has to be tried, just a fabulous drive Sitting on 18's, that’s the factory size Pull up with the 6 - not the Beemer, the Mazda With keys, push start makes it easy to rob ya Never in my life used the premium nozzle It’s cool enough they make it completely from fossils The Vaquish is out unless it comes with a house And it sucks in a town / What’s the rumble about All the money they’re countin / Like Hundreds of thousands What am I, your fuckin accountant? Bugatti’s not a real car, they don’t mass produce it No cause for making crappy music, you don’t have to do it all the meanest whips completely fiction Mid-engine piece a shit can’t even fit my speakers in it Two words / trunk space / Your lien? unpaid No airbag / unsafe / shoulda bought a Hyundai Leg room? too short, luke warm, who’s poor? Bentley? Two doors! who ya got room for? Smoke endo? Lemme guess, in your benzo Fresh bro, but now interiors a mess though Let em know, the new jam’s fuck your Bentley I bet a buck that every disc your bumpin is a sucker MC [Chorus] Fuck your Bentley Yo mister West, no disrespect Fuck your Bentley Fuck your Bentley Fuck your Bentley
My Girl 01:37
[Intro] Baby, I know what you’re thinking From a production standpoint, Sampling The Temptations breaks the fourth wall And I’m sure glitch-inspired drum kits aren’t exactly your cup of tea either But I had to get the words out of me somehow [Verse] Usually need a lotta time to put effort in But I barely had pick up my pen for this Knew something started at my residence First time we ever kissed, all I heard was the record hiss Since then, never wondered where my ex had went no benefit cause they’ll never be a better fit Could barely wait six months to pick a wedding ring Couple years later still the best thing I ever did All the men too cool to nod your head to this Just quit hoeing around and find a special chick Most definite … somethin ain’t the same Thought she’s outta my league, but I wasn’t playing games day to day, all in together kids Show your love in the calls and the messages For you I’d bump every disc by Decemberists No matter how rough the weather gets [Sample] I've got My Girl.... Talking bout...
[Verse: Mantra] Coming soon [Chorus] You gots to CHILL! [Verse: Pompey] I heard that tape - Complete load a trash I was skipping over tracks more than T-Kno and Ack Recorded rap used to be more advanced Lets take it back to the keyboard and claps Pre-order Wax, My CD’s Bonkers Beat keep knockin Pete Pete Rock in it On some Steve Austin meets Steve Hawking Couldn’t read these with some 3D optics Tweet tweet flock known to repeat gossip Which leaves me at least three options Respond, clean clock or C - Keep walking Beef be stocked like a deep freeze locker Cause I’m cold as it gets Call me Bobba The Fette.. Your first call to open events With a van full of ghost and the rest Locals’ll rep No Coast to the death [Chorus] You gots to CHILL! [Breakdown: Pompey] OK, lemme show you how this works Today we’ll be using The drums from Ode to Bille Joe by Lou Don When you’re finished chopping it up, it should sound like this Next we’ve got the Wurlitzer from Turista by Howard Roberts I can’t tell you where we got the tamborine from, cause, you know that’s the secret sauce And of course we’ve got Champ by The Mohawks bringing it all together Something like this [Verse: Mantra] Coming soon.... [Chorus] You gots to CHILL! [Verse: Pompey] Fill a damn song like a scantron test Worldwide, all hands on deck I heard UK been down, France got next And they can off heads like Antoinette’s I wrote that with caps lock pressed Heads spin like a Dance contest Get Amped on set if you had not guessed But I’ll catch my breath soon as Mats on that’s not Yet. [et] And I’m finished skipping rocks I’m into tossing cinder blocks to get across the difference Nimble talking cause I scribble often, drawing so Thought are vivid on the comic strip we often live in Inner monologue is interlocking with the Rhythm chops Beyond the limit rip it till the Fibonacci digit stop Consequently hit the longest distance like Honda Civic Hidden monuments to honor kids who stop to listen In synopsis over heads with shit I’m droppin no Pigeon flock so twitter stalkers quit your squawkin Dissin Pompey? Not Kosher. Picture wal king Into synagogue with shrimp kabobs and Richard Dawkins Sin to godless, but we ain’t flipping crosses given option I’ll get along and sip the scottish get unconscious in the process live long Prosperous, that Mr Spock shit [Chorus] You gots to CHILL!
[Intro: Samples] [Verse] I was afraid this would actually happen I write about writing and I rap about rapping So much for plans to out last these fabricated rap sheets wanna act street so badly And mayback rap just lazy and flashy No racial attack but they’re taking a back seat Ye and his fans got no way to be mad seeing Washington whiteboys take home the grammy So Add more names to the family Embrace it / Who explained to me last There’s no space on the map / For Canadians rapping? … Well shout out Drake from Degrassi Christopher Wallace isn’t spinning in his coffin Dead people die, now we’re livin with the offspring It’s hip-hop basics… fuck it, it’s pop entertainment Anybody’s spot can be taken [Chorus: Samples] [Verse] 2nd verse… never should announce that it is so Probably shouldn’t even give your album an intro Wrote some in jokes but I doubt you will get those Nuff said we get down in mid mo Maestro with a tight bow Strike blows with the Tai Bo So fly bow tie pose in a strobe light glow blind both eyes froze like whoa I go to work … with Moe D in the changer No Lil Jon but the 3-6 Chamber Breeze through a day of some menial labor Then brag on stage bout indecent behavior I guess we’re being enablers Speak in the slang tho I’m peaceful in nature shit I been running these streets back when it was me and the Kaper in preschool and daycare [Chorus: Samples] [Outro]
[Intro] And now a simple word game you can try at home [Mantra] jump in feet first to this flea circus with deep purpose keep burnin trees and drinkin bourbon cuz we deserve it bringin heat like a furnace the reverse of a mean people person like ol dirty B but the clean version we seem certain while you seem nervous it’s cuz you’re hurtin underneath the surface like steve erwin assert our speech is worthless i’ll keep singin verses for eternity at least if the earth keeps turnin beneath my feet never eating burger cause meat is murder bury the beef an watch it resurface makin baby mes with jamie lee curtis droppin science a top a giants so we see the furthest stuntin shades like the secret survice we’re sekin sureness you don’t seem earnest [Pompey] Green purchased from free merchants got the scene blurring Hurdle leapin ln an herbal leaf sir believe it You first teaching, I prefer you re-learn it Currently, currency is key so keep workin I ride in deep currents but I don’t even be surfing I’m repurposing sea serpents See, each word of speech is a first degree murder spree turn the street surface burgundy if we skirmish I plead perfect, repeat the verdict I’ll retweet your sermon in leet speak for sure then It beats people burnin And If you find my beast of burden please return it, with the keys inserted [Mantra] a bit intimidating instigating fits of rage misbehaving like the kid of satan get silver initials engraved on a pistol grip thats nickel plated and kill all the villains i hated yo wherever we go gettin our pictures taken bout to blow up like when a missile hits the pavement sittin in a basement sippin some jameson twistin a spliff and we're blazing if it fits the occasion gettin in the game and riddin the blame like a criminal getting vindicated our spittin is amazin for your information equivalent to wisdom from sages in the middle ages or an image davinci painted it’s pretty blatent we’re livin in a simulated vivid matrix gettin minimum wage on a limited basis so my finishing statement is don’t sit an wait and wish away the minutes you’re faced with [Pompey] Every Evening Hedonism gets me waited When the fever hits I blame it On the previous administration Raw tomes hit your playlist The squad go Sean Colmes getting famous from the mix arrangements Crossover syndicated on your city stations Pop culture switching places like a hip-replacement ----- Leavin’ John Doe’s - victims nameless And Stockholm's Syndrome patients Off, no litigation Mystic Hazes visions came that imitated Diablo’s different faces Lost souls at cross road, consider this your invitation to the tribulation as depicted in the scripture pages In broad strokes, I’m indicating pics you paint are pixilated Wrong focus as songs go Drop notes Intricate as fragrance in Sophisticated whiskey tasting Scotch flow Bitter flavor finish with a hint of raisin I’m not old, I’m simply aging Honest tho, I said that lyric just to cleanse my spirit this is distillation [Mantra] Mantra2-- displayin my wit instead of stayin silent a great guy with glazed eyes sayin praise science! stay fly like a plane pilot with a blatant bias towards stayin my highest takein daily vitamins droppin weight like diet if you’re not 18 you should wait to try it in case you may like it i date dime who take me to dine and pay with diamonds on the waves we sail to Jamaican islands never wasting time or day light create rhymes instead of hate crimes an gang violence an try n geta little fame and paid by it i wait a while in grapevines an taste wine till i'm sideways an sick like the c.i.aids virus [Pompey] Ray’s mind is a maze inside id You’d be amazed to find it / Liberated from insane asylums Creative lies I’m telling you will spell the truth Between the paper lines, OK? Rewind it Ashamed of vipers who proclaim their righteous With nothing but hate to guide us Pay the prices You’ll get vaporized by an aim precise as a laser sight if you pray for violence Jostling plates alignment Causing the quakes and tides All in day’s assignment What’d you say? (PRAISE SCIENCE) I’m game to try it And slap David Icke in his face with a pagan trident [Mantra] We stay excited waitin for time’s end, prayin to divine men and rain and lightning like the ancient myans [Pompey] Ain’t it right, we’re craving crisis Based on writings in late papyrus I Blame Poseidon [Mantra] don’t be a slave to 9 to 5s, there’s ways to fight it misouri’s it’s a state of mind but celebrating your day of life with cake an ice cream crazy frightening as a way to remind you of the day you’re dying [Pompey] You gotta strain to find what ain’t provided Can’t face the sky remaining flightless That’s freakin great advice, I’ll be a famous psychic Soon as the DEA reinstates my license I got a basement lined with strange devices to keep a couple safe from a coming age of tyrants These are double gainer type flips Let’s take a hike, I’m running out of ways to rhyme this [Mantra] so I light a J an stay smilin microwave a plate of pie and play violin spray fire with ray myers we’re straight stylin
The God denier / Third day coffin riser Choose your own adventure novel writer / That got lost inside it Sodomizer / Girlfriend apologizer Awful driver / Google job applier who will not get hired The Honest liar / Ostracizer / Online comment typer Mitt Romney fighter / Whether he’s wrong or righter The Robert Oppenheimer atomic bomb designer / If not Macgyver 3AM waffle buyer at Broadway Diner Pompey the general that clashed with Caesar If you had amnesia Cabin fever having tweaker showing manic features Raymond, bastard The case cracker named after the Perry Mason actor Corolla Matrix crasher The pen scorcher Incomplete sentence former Drink, write, and press record in any order Mech warrior, with post-traumatic stress disorder feds are swarmin / fled enforcers headed for the texas border The club invader Recovering raver Under ager honey chaser Starbucks cafe latte money waster Production station percussion maker Tumblr scraper Calvin and Hobbes funny paper cut and save-er The ancient figure engraved in fixtures and cave pictures Stage ripper, rane mixer make the bass thicker the day’s victor / Game winner / shouting “hey sister” Dame kisser Chardonnay sipper marvin gaye listener BROKEN LANGUAGE Now, Members of the lower working class that don’t observe the past Smokin herb and go to burning man I hope you you heard me fam Cause if if you’re not wiser / I go Scott Steiner Johann Geiger / I’m Lohan’s Tiger Left hand connect fast, it’s not fiber talk fly you could get your whole jaw wired Rogue com writer Flip a script and go Rob Reiner At a Late Late Show, I’m so Tom Schneider A whole lot live-er, drop lines that stop cyphers Mention you and all they say is shots fired merch booth buy your whole stock and throw bon fires, Murderer, Hans Reiser wrought iron What’s a stop sign to a dodge viper Stock higher cause we’re known to get cash - Jane Jetson Rap a great set, hit the pad and play Tekken Rappers may step, and we Cassius Clay deck em Gathered fame yes, it could pass the same second Ya gets no love that’s a jam by faith evan Didn’t ask why, but that’s a great question Your simply the same thing on different days In sync like JC and Timberlake In sink like I hate cleaning dinner plates There you go another lame scheme to imitate MC Taste sweet as some minute made mixtapes you couldn’t to pay me to listen straight Need it like I need AC on winter break Wrote one for the lady’s but it can wait Cause it’s the antagonist, nothing realer the one in million Cunning villain come for your unborn children like Rumpelstiltskin Hope Universal finds this stuff appealing Cause I’d love to name a couple places they can shove the deal in Son of Sam to the summer jams, hunt and kill em Kept on coming back with another track that I wasn’t feelin Button mashing till something happens it’s nothing brillint But bite a rhyme you’ll need tongue graft and a dozen filling Crunk smashed with my dumb ass, fuzz flashed Duck dash, and chuck the stash in country village Then summon dragons with Trunks’ dad and my cousin Krillin Come and can catch it on Lushes channel his buddy filmed it If you headline, I’m above the billing - Nah been muscle building punch through ceilings I’m above the building I don’t know there’s just something ill in my double helix If you dug it dig it, if not you gonna love the remix BROKEN LANGUAGE
On and On 04:14
[Verse] Cats are frontin with hype man’s vocab Lets get rIght back to the program Another dope jam for Phone and your iPad It’s going down like a road map of Thailand It’s going down like a boat crash so man the life raft, nah go back and strike that It’s going down like five tabs of Prozac Ya might have to go grab / Your mic and your notepad Vocal track you can quote after time lapse Roll the Hi-Hat cause you’re programmed to like that Don’t jam a synapse no nevermind that It’s going down like an old-fashion mineshaft Go ask the boneman who I am Known as the Conan of my land / High as a Titan Highlander life span and six-tone camo Mid mo rambo / with no ammo [Chorus] [Verse] On and on and breakin’ the dawn-ah Pages as long as Les Miserables Came to respond to the state of the genre Save it, it’s just another day in the saga Wonder if we get the same memoranda Cause ya drop outs, ain’t in mi classa Arranging the mantra to placement of commas Steady hand shave with katanas - Artists are Hustlers? OK but for one that gets paid there are hundreds that gave up their methods to function Impressing the public that left them with nothing and and vent about getting discovered - if you could have Breakfast or justice, the rent or some substance That’s message enough you weren’t meant to discuss it Sensitive subject, heck I’d have better production but the last track emptied the budget [Verse] The dictator been taken fixed aim at big chain fakery spit game of fifth graders / waste of beats Talking rolex, but display your wrist player You don’t get paper you’re a myth maker plain to see Don’t be disturbed if diss yours Just quick slur you misheard don’t get furious Spit germs that are incurable If you don’t have insurance quick purchase it In turn - You make a fist first? I skip words like bits of dirt on disc surfaces Disperse, I’m a bit merciless Think Hercules when he hit Cerberus Or a centaur with the vest armor of Centurions Sent marching for this purpose Your mixture is impure I’m impervious Leave you Injured in Tourniquets if I enter the tournament (bracket) But most not worthy the clash If currency match it could certainly happen Habit / practice to earn the advantage Learn from the hand of worthy assassin Canvas hot as burst of a match stick (fuck that) Hotter than the the work of a black smith (fuck that) Just bring an urn for the ash, I keep the Mercury maxed on it’s vertical axis A sure fact, every jam I’m fixture Catch me by the stage open tab in a blizzard Travelin thick, whole clan’s in the mix, cause I stand for the click, like you're snapping a picture We ain’t goin no where like grab me a snickers Figure. That ain’t the half of it mister Add to the list, wanna scrap it’s a risk Mad kids piled up like a bad game of twister


My debut solo album.


released March 1, 2015

Production by DJ Pompey except Sucker Free produced by Kato and Speak Up co-produced with Cooper Lee.

Lyrics and vocals by Pompey except featured artists on Cool Like That, Off the Map, Sucker Free, Chill.

Recorded at North Village Recording.

Engineering by DJ Pompey except vocal mixing on The Work, My Girl and Cut Em Down done by Tim Hanson at North Village.

Cover art by Rachel Myers.

No Coast Records.


all rights reserved



DJ Pompey Columbia, Missouri

DJ Pompey. Party DJ and battle rapper in Columbia, Mo.

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